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Well since I have been busy may as well update since I can still draw ponies after months.
As of feb19 I am 20.
I feel old….at 20 its weird.
Any who my new laptop broke as well this week which sucks but I will get it fixed I think I just burned out the battery.
That so ruined my inuyasha Marathon for my birthday though -0-.
Oh this blog was on hit as due to my five classes 5 days a week like I have more than 50 hours of classes idk the exact number but like ik I’m in school 12 hours 4 times a week and 2-3 twice a week no time xD that’s not counting any homework.
So when this term is over idk what I will do with this blog but it won’t be a ask ill just make it a normal pony oc blog much more fun to upload randomness.
Have a great week end everybody!

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